The Marsh Lane Harriers will soon be appearing on the wonderful Leg It podcast hosted by Andy Grant and Tom Wickstead.

The interview has been recorded and covers a wide range of topics about the clubs development, future plans and the huge project to regenerate the Chaffers running track at Rimrose Valley to create a community hub for health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Chairman John Carragher said: “We were delighted to be asked to take part in the show. As a club we are huge fans of the podcast and it was a wonderful experience to speak about the MLH to Andy and Tom. They showed great interest in our club and their support is greatly appreciated.”

Coach Powell said: “The Podcast is one of our favourites and we really loved the recent episode listening to the story of Rob Pope who recreated the Forrest Gump run by running across America 5 times. 15600 miles in 422 days is some achievement!”

3rd February 2021 marked 12 years since former Royal Marine Andy Grant was blown up in Afghanistan consequently facing life as an amputee. Since that date, he’s achieved incredible success – becoming the world’s fastest single leg amputee over 10km, climbed various mountains both literally and mentally. The Leg it Podcast showcases some of the people Andy has met during these 10 years – both in the public eye and not. Andy is joined by Tom Wickstead where they talk to these individuals and understand their stories.

Check out The Leg It Podcast here or download episodes from your favourite podcast provider.

The Marsh Lane Harriers story will appear on the podcast soon and we’ll publish further information and a link on this website soon.





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