Weekly at Alive Fitness Dance Studio – Coronation Road, Crosby, L23 3BJ

Starts – Thursday 11th January – Two 45 minute sessions back-to-back



Cost £5 per session

£3 for MLH £10 per month members

No charge for ‘MLH Coaching Ultimate’ members


Book your place via Spond.

16 places per class.

Bring your own mat if you have one but we will have some spare if required.


The MLH is proud to launch a specialised yoga class tailored for runners that brings crucial benefits to all training plans.

Running, with its repetitive motion, can lead to tight muscles and imbalances throughout the body. Stretching becomes imperative as it aids in improving flexibility, lengthening muscles, and reducing the risk of injuries common among runners.

The MLH yoga for runners class targets these specific areas by incorporating poses that focus on opening up tight hips, hamstrings, calves, and strengthening the core.

Regular stretching through yoga aids in enhancing the range of motion, correcting imbalances, and improving overall performance. Yoga also promotes relaxation and reducing the physical and mental stress that comes with rigorous cardio training. In addition yoga’s emphasis on breath control complements running by enhancing lung capacity and endurance.

By dedicating time to a yoga class designed specifically for runners, individuals can maintain a balanced body, prevent injuries, and optimize their running performance, fostering both physical and mental wellness.

This is not about how flexible you are or about who can push the poses furthest. This is about finding what your body needs and stretching and holding poses to help you improve and to recover. We are all different and will all do the poses slightly differently but we can all achieve results


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