Ross Armstrong

I joined the club back in the summer and never looked back.
I have been running for years, but I never ever fancied a running club. Best thing I ever did was to go down that track for the first time (chaffers). Everyone one was so welcome and Michael Powell was so professional (coach).
The best thing about the club everyone is the same. No one better than anyone else. We are all treated the same. We all just want to push each other and better ourselves.
Michael Powell and John Carragher have done unbelievable since day one. The hard work they have put into the club is great. What they have done for the community is brilliant. Just what you need now. Especially with what has happened in the past year. Everyone is welcome as well men, women and kids. All families are welcome to this club. Run, walk or talk – Marsh Lane Harriers are here to help.

The events I will be running for the Harriers this year are the 5 marathons!!!
Up the Harriers!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!


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