James Meadows

I’ve been running since 2015, since then & even as a kid I never wanted to get involved with running clubs.

My own preconception was a bit of an Elitist environment, running snobs & cliquey, reinforced by the attitude of lads I knew as a kid who were decent runners. Also since 2015, I know a few lads who went out with some triathlon clubs & local running clubs and advised me that they were very cliquey, nobody would make an effort to welcome you & generally a bit up themselves. Also the training sessions can be based around the needs of one or two individuals. Although obviously I can make my own mind up I do trust the judgement of my mates.

Anyway a lad I know, Chris, messaged me to say John Carra & Powelly had started up MLH & were doing sessions at Chaffers & weekend club runs etc. I decided to go down & take my kids too (who were nervous about the same snobbery I used to hate) & it was & is great. Powelly came over to say hello etc, no egos, no clique, no snobs, just decent people, different levels of runners all there to improve mental and physical health & train. You soon get to know everyone & even sooner you won’t be able to run anywhere without another Harrier seeing you out. The club caters for all levels of runners, all ages & all distances from track work to ultra, race days & charity events. Go and try other running clubs & then try the Marsh Lane Harriers.


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