MLH Chairman John Carragher lives local to Rimrose Valley and knew there was an old abandoned track that had potential for restoration.

I thought the task wouldn’t be that hard but when I saw the track and how overgrown with weeds and vegetation it had become I realised I had a bigger job on my hands than I thought. I called a few lads from the running group who are civil engineers and this phenomenal team effort began.

The council have kindly given permission to restore the track but have made it clear that they cannot provide any funding and will not be helping in any way with the maintenance.  All the work done so far has been done by club members, all without charge and in everyone’s kindly donated time.  This amazing community effort has seen machinery lent to us, many hours of hard labour and caring members of the public dropping of food and water while the team worked on the track.

This has been a real community effort. We worked in total 4 weekends 12 hours Saturday and Sunday till it was complete, if I’m being honest we all absolutely loved it and are proud of what we have achieved so far. I had no idea what this track would mean to people, I have never suffered with mental health but the amount of people who have joined our club and have openly talked about their mental health issues and have said what a difference the track has made to the lives is amazing. The track has become huge in Crosby and the local areas. This is why we really need funding and donations to get the track to its full potential.

All donations received will go to the restoration of the track and facilities. The plans for the area include:

  • Full restoration of the running surface
  • Installation of floodlights
  • Pavilion with changing rooms and car parking

The community really needs your help with funding to realise the full potential of the Chaffers running track. Please use the links to the right to donate anything you can – every penny helps towards the end goal of creating a fantastic community hub for health, fitness and wellbeing.


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